Running Down a Dream by Tim Grahl

As a fellow creative, I found Running Down a Dream to be very helpful with hands-on suggestions on how to move closer to my dream––wrapped in a true story of Tim Grahl moving through his creative journey.  The narrative is genuine, heartfelt, and insightful.

At this stage in my life, I don’t have the courage that Tim Grahl had when he shared his roller coaster ride of trials and triumphs.  Any artist (writer, painter, business creative, etc.) can relate to the emotional meltdowns he experienced on his way to his dream. His candor, integrity, and vulnerability were uncompromised, fresh, and constructive.

It helps creatives understand that what they are going through, the resistance you feel, is not unique and you are not alone. Most importantly, Running Down a Dream gives you concrete tools to help solve the problem.  Some tools may not work for you, but using even one of them might just get you through any “stuckness” in your art. 

P.S.  If you are a writer, after you read Running Down a Dream, I encourage you to go behind the scenes and roll back to the time when Tim was still writing Running Down a Dream.  Check out the Story Grid Podcast episodes listed below (or subscribe and check out all of them!) where Tim Grahl talks with Shawn Coyne while writing the book, the questions he has, and how he developed the concept, theme, and flow of the book. For me, a lot of the concerns and questions he brought up are exactly the questions I had during my nonfiction draft.  Perhaps you had them too.

2/28/18 #115 Finding My Why
3/7/18 #116 Truth vs Truth
4/14/19  #117 Tell your Story
3/28/18 #119 Put the Darkness of Paper
4/1/118 #121 Book is Done! Now What?
4/19/18 #122 What does Shawn think?
You can find these episodes on One way to find these specific episodes is to use the search at the bottom and enter the episode title.  Also on Apple Podcasts. 

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