About Denise

Who am I?

Well, could tell you that I was born in Phoenix Arizona; or that I’ve moved more times than I can count.  I’m a wife, step-mom, sister, aunt, professional business person, writer & speaker. Pretty standard stuff.

A little more telling?

Well, I never lie to myself: I exercise every day, eat right, and live in the now.
I speak softly, and listen empathetically.
I think critically, work productively, respond patiently, and meditate daily.
I will become the person I dream of, while enjoying the person I am.
I am willing to pay the price of success.
I am dedicated, diligent, and disciplined in my actions. I am a compelling, fascinating, provocative, creative, intelligent, and well-read woman who
attracts like-minded people.
All my actions, emotions and energies support these lies . . .uh, I mean, beliefs of myself.

What more do you need to know?

As a writer, my first incarnation was in writing magazine feature articles.   I’ve been published in various local and regional magazines and newspapers.  But that was years ago.  Since then I have moved into both fiction and non-fiction.  I’ve authored one poem  — and that about wraps up my experience with poetry.


I’d love to hear from you.  Complete the form below and I’ll send you my one poem for your entertainment!

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