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Questions About Tomorrow

DDYKd3WXkAAVA1X.jpg-large. . . he didn’t realize when he walked out the door his life would change forever.

A common line in many-a-mystery, documentary or biography. And if it were you? Do we wait until a disaster to change? What if we lived today like tomorrow would change our lives forever? How would that change the way you live today?

What if the — forever change — was positive. You win the lottery, inherit a beautiful house, meet the love of your life? If you knew something like that was going to happen tomorrow – would it change the decisions you make today? Clearly, we can’t make decisions today based on things that might happen, or not happen, tomorrow. Yet, do we limit our thinking based on real, or perceived constraints: money, time, energy, ability, motivation? What if we expanded our thinking, or released the perceived limitations? What if we spent, or saved, based, not on winning the lottery, but on our innate potential?

And if the — forever changed — was not so positive. A death in the family, a tragic accident, a devastating diagnosis? How would that change the decisions you make today? Would you be nicer, love more, show your spouse more appreciation, talk sweeter to your kids, work harder in school or work, eat better, exercise more? How would you change the way you treat your family, friends, or coworkers? How would you change the way you treat yourself?

If you acted like tomorrow would change your life forever — how would your decisions of today impact the trajectory of your future?